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Relocation Consultancy Services

Moving abroad or to a different region can often be fraught with difficulties. The legal process, cultural differences, the language barrier, lack of local knowledge or just the unavoidable stress of moving can all be obstacles to starting a new life abroad. Having experienced professionals who can help you overcome hurdles, provide properties and land for sale, give guidance through the legal, planning and building process, introduce you to the local community and help you settle into your new life will not only help you smooth over this stressful transition but will also be instrumental in avoiding some common pitfalls and its negative consequences. In order to facilitate this process, our team of experienced relocation consultants will offer you a complete range of either individual services or in set relocation packagesWe are here to help you start off on the right foot and make a success of your new life in Portugal!

Our comprehensive list of services to get you started!

Helping potential residents to obtain their fiscal number, understanding why a fiscal number is necessary, where to get one and providing a translation and interpreting service at the relevant government department.

Advice and guidance on the procedure for purchasing property in Portugal and, when a solicitor is not engaged by the client, we liaise with the local notary office and provide all the legal paperwork to complete the purchase of a property. Procedure and advice on how to give power of attorney. Professional legal translation and interpreting services are offered during the entire process.

We have compiled a short list of architects, civil engineers and local builders whose services we recommend. Local professionals with a thorough understanding of planning and the legal process for building, extending and rebuilding in the local area, and who understand the path that needs to be trod, are indeed a very valuable asset. We can also help you source and order building materials, including specialist products for sustainable and traditional building work, and also offer project managing services and translation/interpreting services in this area.

We guide and advise our clients on how to register as a resident in Portugal, and will accompany you to the local government departments in order to obtain the necessary permits and certificates. Professional legal translation and interpreting services are offered for complete clarity on legal issues and procedure.

We can help you find a competent local accountant for financial advice. We also offer some advice on taxation rates, taxation agreements and double taxation matters, council tax rates, purchasing taxes for property and vehicle taxation.

We provide translation/interpreting services to help you purchase a vehicle in Portugal, put you in contact with local car stands and dealerships, contact the relevant departments for information on importing your vehicle from overseas and will facilitate the correct registration of your newly acquired vehicle in your name.

Advice on all the main areas of insurance brokerage and on service providers in the area. We accompany clients, if required, to the local insurance broker of his/her choice and provide professional translation and interpreting services in site. Alternatively, we can also help clients with online insurance applications.

Setting up your electricity and water accounts is a simple process which can be made difficult by the language barrier. We help you set up your new accounts or can do it for you, if so required.

Having a Portuguese bank account is an essential requirement to pay government departments, taxes and bills; we can also accompany you to the bank of your choice and help you open a new account. Once again, our professional translators and interpreters will ease you into the process.

When purchasing property and dealing with government agencies, the most sophisticated and complex language is necessary. Translation services are crucial and essential in easing your way through Portuguese bureaucracy, banking and when meeting key people. We offer professional translation/interpreting services in all areas.

For clients who have no knowledge of Portuguese, we can put you in touch with local language schools or find you a private tutor in the area.


GoRustiCo has experienced multilingual members of staff with interpreting and translation as well as teaching qualifications particularly in the teaching of Portuguese as a foreign language. We also offer support through the bureaucratic procedure in buying and selling property in Portugal, relocating to this country as well as building, renovating and restoring property and sourcing supplies and equipment. We give advice on land clearing, reforestation with native trees and landscaping among others.

However, as a small business we often delegate services to other competent partners duly qualified for this purpose. Services are subject to availability.

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